New technologies of Telehealth

For your organization, clients & employees.

Sunny – Your remote doctor, who will be there for you 24/7 for basic health screening and for any urgent requests.

Live consultation

You can easily contact your doctor from anywhere in the world.

Sending medical device readings

The doctor directly receives data about your medical condition from the measuring instrument directly to the doctor's log.

Reminders for taking pills

You’ll receive a schedule that is formed by the doctor. The report on the appointment is transmitted to the doctor

Who can we help?

Senior Care

Virtual clinic in your nursing house

Insurance support

Unique services for your clients. Service in minute.

Clinics and Hospitals

You don't need the physical presence of a therapist after hospital discharge


Increase employee productivity and take care of them in the office

How We Can Help You

Reduce Expenses

Employers will be able to reduce the cost of medical care for staff.

Increase Efficiency

With our help, you will increase the efficiency of your employees and services.

Safe For Staff

Reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection and keep staff safe.

How Sunny Works

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